Water Services

Ofwat’s Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM) has focused minds on improving customer service. However, the need to cut costs and improve capital management is no less pressing, and may seem incompatible with better service. We provide consulting and IT services to the world’s top ten utility organisations, and six of the UK's biggest water companies. We are also a trusted partner to some of the top names in customer experience across other sectors. Therefore, we are ideally placed to help you achieve service improvements and financial savings simultaneously.

Benefits of our water services

Whether you’re looking at your dealings with customers, the maintenance of your assets, control and operation of your plant, relationships with internal contractors, or the systems underlying it all – we can help you reduce costs and improve service by getting more from your investments, past, present and future. Cost reductions of 20-30% are common, and engagements can pay for themselves in just a few months.

Capgemini's approach

Our solutions for the water industry are built on practical experiences with water companies. They also draw on the best of our experiences across other industries around the world.

Capgemini is already helping many of the UK’s largest water companies to tackle the challenges and opportunities of SIM.

Our solutions include:

  • Channel management transformation
  • Contractor management
  • Plant operations
  • Work optimisation
  • Credit management
  • Accelerated SAP water solutions

Our approach to implementing such solutions is collaborative to a degree that sometimes surprises our clients.