Digital Utilities Award

Capgemini's utilities team is sponsoring a brand new award as part of Utility Week’s industry achievement awards. The Digital Utilities Award will be presented for the first time in December 2013.
The utilities sector is facing dramatic change. Energy companies will deploy over 50 million smart devices in customers’ homes by 2020. Both energy and water companies face increasing pressure to modernise the way they interact with customers and deliver service. Customers’ expectations are changing rapidly too – a shift which is to a large extent due to the emergence of new digital technologies.

In short, the sector is at the beginning of its own digital revolution.

The digital advantage

As our research with the MIT Institute for Digital Business shows, companies that master digital achieve demonstrably better business performance than their peers. The utilities sector, according to our research, is relatively conservative in its approach to digital, so any player that masters it may well become a leading utilities company of the future. Could that be your company?

The new award: what will the judges look for?

Capgemini is proud to support the Digital Utilities Award, a new addition to Utility Week's prestigious industry achievement awards for 2013.
This award recognises companies, large or small, that have embraced digital to transform all or  part of their business. It could be, for example, that they have:
  • Changed the way they interact with their customers using new and integrated channels
  • Reduced outages through the use of smart technologies and analytics
  • Improved the performance of their people using digital mobile solutions or enterprise social media.