Mix and match sector services to build an applications landscape that suits your specific needs. We call this Sector-as-a-Service.

TechnoVision 2014: Sector as a Service

Embrace the vanilla standard  

Package-based software solutions enable organisations to spend less time and money on costly systems that fail to deliver substantial business value. Based on the little-customized, "vanilla" standard, these solutions use predefined templates and built-in sector knowledge for quick and cost-effective implementation. Many of these sector services will be delivered via the Software-as-a-Service Cloud model in the near future for more streamlined applications management and distribution.

Revolutionise your core applications landscape

Increasingly, standard sector solutions will replace legacy systems, even for sectors in which package-based solutions are less common. Our Sector-as-a-Service approach includes:
  • Vanilla Tastes Good: embrace standard, Cloud-based software and step-by-step revision of homegrown applications
  • Reborn in the Cloud: use today's powerful cloud platforms to completely reinvent your applications in the Cloud
  • Elastic Business: give your subsidiaries flexibility and customisation without modifying central systems through Software-as-a-Service
  • Close to the Edge: access next-generation IT solutions via the public Cloud to enable true digital transformation and business growth
  • No App Apps: create differentiating applications by gluing together reusable, catalogue-based IT services
To learn more about the benefits of radically modernising your applications landscape through our Sector-as-a-Service approach, contact our experts.
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