Invisible Infostructure

Imagine an information-rich foundation for your business without all the overwhelming details. We call it Invisible Infostructure: a new approach to infrastructure in the Cloud.

On-tap infrastructure is the new norm

Your company relies on myriad suppliers, technologies and systems to function smoothly. But all of these services require extensive coordination, which can be overwhelming. By centralising these associated technologies and systems into the Cloud, you can have access to all the services needed to seamlessly run your business – from application, information and collaboration to core commodity business services – without the time-consuming coordination.

Liberate yourself from infrastructure services

Combined with our Sector-as-a-Service, Invisible Infostructure can help you redesign your applications so they provide you with key infrastructure services from the Cloud.

The five key building blocks are:
  • Virtual Lego: automatically recombine Cloud-driven IT infrastructure components like Lego pieces to support business agility
  • What Would Amazon Do?: tap into the “new normal” of catalogue- and Cloud-based IT services that require minimal up-front investment
  • Bon Risk Appétit: adopt a healthy risk appetite by using smart tools to stay connected and respond quickly to security intrusions
  • Let's Get Physical: connect with clients and partners in compelling new ways as technology blurs the lines between the virtual and physical worlds
  • Orchestrate for Simple: simplify your business with Cloud-based services that are easy to use and delivered on your terms
Reap the benefits that Cloud-based Invisible Infostructure can deliver. Contact our experts today.
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