Capgemini and Oracle’s World Jobseeking Report 2013

Sharing global best practice on getting people back to work

Capgemini and Oracle offer a global perspective on unemployment, employability and the issues and challenges facing employment and welfare departments and agencies. Discover how multi-channel is the way forward. 

Bucking the upward trend in unemployment

How can employment and welfare agencies help more citizens back to work? It’s a common problem in a world where unemployment is both a social and a political challenge. The young and long-term unemployed are most in need of support.

A number of agencies are demonstrating solutions aimed at bucking the upward trend. But they should not work in isolation. Instead, they must share best practice with governments and other organiszations to learn from one another and tackle this global problem.

Watch how Working Links, a UK organisation, has helped over 250,000 people into employment.

Working Links: overcoming barriers to employment in the UK

Unemployment and employability – top of the political agenda

Whether in the UK, Mexico, Sweden or Australia, those looking to transform the employment and employability landscape have to answer three common questions:

  • How can we help people find jobs more effectively?
  • How can we achieve cost efficiency in the service delivered?
  • How can we address the various levels of maturity in current systems and attitudes to system modernisation?

Watch the video on unemployment and the journey of a jobseeker:

Jobseeking: from losing to finding a Job

Efficient service delivery is a priority

Capgemini and Oracle’s World Jobseeking Report highlights the importance of efficient and effective service delivery at a time of economic uncertainty.

Key findings include:

  • Complex back-to-work systems must be untangled and legacy processes and technology restructured to reduce the cost to serve.
  • There may be a need to rethink service provision fundamentally, and make services more user-friendly. 
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