Business Technology Performance Index 2015/2016

The Equipment Finance Industry’s Benchmark for Information Technology, Operations Direction, and Spending.


Now in its 13th year, the Business Technology Performance Index from Capgemini and our partner ELFA looks at trends that explain the current thinking of market-leading equipment finance firms. This year’s report explores how companies react to trends like “the internet of things” and mobile channels, and we uncover important trends in system replacements. Key topics include: TechnoVision, points of view from solutions providers and Capgemini, BTPI survey findings and survey response statistics, the cost of IT, and digital strategy.

Replacement of front and back end systems remains a top initiative for equipment finance companies in the near future:

  • 40% of respondents indicated a back–end platform replacement would be considered in the next 18 months and 25% indicated the front-end platform would be looked at as well
  • Core front-end and back-end platforms were reported at an average life of 8.4 and 11 years respectively in terms of their time in use
  • Nearly half of all respondents indicated that their core front-end platform does not meet their future needs with 40% of respondents looking for increased workflow capabilities
  • 60% of respondents indicated that their core back-end platform does not meet their future needs and in fact, 40% indicated that their back-end platform doesn’t meet their current needs
There is still a slow adoption and/or skepticism towards more advanced digital technologies in the bulk of organisations:
  • In terms of cloud computing, a quarter of respondents claimed it missing altogether and 60% marked themselves low in the adoption of cloud technologies
  • 35% of companies called out data analytics and management as a deficiency in the front office and three quarters ranked themselves at the bottom of adoption lifecycle 
  • Despite 60% of companies still ranking themselves at the bottom of an adoption lifecycle when it comes to mobile devices and applications, there has been a movement toward offering a larger set of mobile capabilities


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