Big & Fast Data: The Rise of Insight-Driven Business

Insights at the point of action will redefine competitiveness.

We live in a fast-moving, complex world of increasingly connected people and connected things that are creating vast new digital footprints. To thrive, organisations need to make sense of this big and fast-moving data, to gain real-time access to powerful insights and deliver them at the point of action. But how are data-driven insights changing businesses? Where are organisations today and where are they going?
We surveyed 1,000 senior decision makers in nine regions and nine industries to help us assess where the market is heading.

Insights and Data - driving competitive business

Big data has brought the market to an inflection point, causing massive disruption:
  • 64% of companies believe that big data is changing traditional business boundaries 
  • 58% expect to face increased competition from start-ups enabled by data
  • 24% of companies report disruption from new competitors moving into their industry 
In our report, we explore how far companies have got with their initiatives to gain and use insights from big data. Although everybody has realised it is time to move, there are still barriers to big data adoption. We look at the steps that organisations are taking to address them and explain how these steps can evolve into a set of guiding principles that can shape an effective transformation into an insights-led organisation.

Today, big data is about business disruption. Organisations are embarking on a battle not just for success but for survival. If you want to survive it’s time to act.

The real battle is for the data that delivers the most relevant and pertinent insights – the combination of data sets that enable effective and more rapid monetisation of data. Your data could ultimately become more valuable than your traditional product or services. Big data technologies are the enabler for developing new business models to make that happen.

Profiting from big data is at least as much about organisational integration, change and evolution as it is about the underlying technology. Organisations in our study are already implementing the technology. Now they need to drive the organisational changes needed to make it effective.

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