Big & fast data: the democratisation of information

Moving from the Enterprise Data Warehouse to the Business Data Lake

The democratisation of information - moving from the EDW to the Business Data Lake

Capgemini has always taken a business rather than technically focused approach to information. With the Business Data Lake we and Pivotal started from a simple question: What does the business want to see?

From that question came a recognition that traditional approaches are more about IT cost control than delivering business value.

What is clear from our research is that many companies are already starting a transformation and seeing significant new business value from breaking out of traditional information silos such as the enterprise data warehouse. The majority, however, are suffering frustration with their current approaches, most notably the delivery methods of IT, and are not realising the value that they say is there.

About 45% of respondents complain that the current development cycle for new analytics is too long and does not match their business requirements. Over half (53%) consider the speed of their organisation’s insight generation to be constrained by its IT development process.

This report outlines many of the challenges, and solutions to how companies can remove that frustration and transition to a new information landscape – one which works in harmony with the business.

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