Big Data - key building block for CSPs’ quest for value

The increasing amount of data stored in the IT systems and networks of CSPs offers extremely rich material that could transform competitive challenges into opportunities and create a real differentiator.

A new and very real opportunity

It is clear that next-generation analytics solutions will provide many industries with a new and very real opportunity to improve their operations and make a breakthrough in customer experience. This is particularly true for industries that have a large customer base and/or complex infrastructure such as retail, financial services, utilities and telecom.
For Communications Service Providers (CSPs), which have the distinctive advantage of possessing both network and customer data, Big Data analytics is a multi-fold opportunity, allowing to improve network utilisation, efficacy of operations and customers experience, as well as to reduce OPEX and create new revenue streams.

Challenges and obstacles in Big Data implementation

For the past several years, CSPs have utilised various analytics-based tools.

Most companies, including CSPs, have adopted a data-warehousing approach to analytics where all data is captured and then mined for insights. With this approach, CSPs could take months to collate data from different sources and extract intelligence from that information.

To add to the complexity of data analysis, most of the new sources of data – such as from wireless devices, social media interactions, and embedded sensors – are fundamentally different from the type of data stored in standard data warehouses.

However, Big Data solutions have developed over time with in-memory computing and tools like Hadoop to address the challenges posed by these data sources. Through the use of advanced solutions and tools, CSPs have drastically brought the analysis time down to a few weeks or even days.

CSPs are implementing analytics to address issues ranging from: 

  • customer churn
  • segmentation
  • fraud identification
  • pricing
  • network management
  • sentiment analysis

Act now!

CSPs need to be cognizant of the fact that business value is not in data (flowing-in), but in the results emerging from such data. Also, it is important to recognise that deployment of Big Data analytics do not offer straightforward answers to business questions. CSPs need to devise a strategy and implementation plan that is agile and iterative. We expect, for most of the CSPs, that this will be the plan for the next couple of years. Therefore, while the industry still needs to reach maturity, when implementation does take off Big Data analytics solutions will provide strong differentiators for players in the telecom industry. CSPs must act now to be battle-ready for such a race.

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