Big Data for Your Industry

A key part of our Data Dimensions video series looks at how big data affects different sectors and the associated opportunities it presents.

Big data and analytics for Utilities

The Utility industry is going through a period of intense transformation. New sources and volumes of data mean that Utilities can apply and use analytics to interact with their customers in completely new ways. Capgemini has created a customer insights offering which addresses customer segmentation, value proposition and next-best-action through the use of big data and analytics. Sai Someswar tells us more.

Big Data and Analytics for utilities

Changing the Retail World with Big Data & Analytics

The massive volumes of data generated by the retail ecosystem – from RFID tags, mobile devices, GPS enabled tablets, web transaction and embedded sensors – is giving retailers very specific data about consumers. Venkat explains how retailers combine this information with consumer behavior, buying patterns and social media analysis to gain a 360 degree view of their customers and operations. This allows them to tackle fraud and provide personalised customer offers and pricing that drives both customer intimacy and revenue growth.

Changing the retail world with big Data & analytics

Big Data and Analytics for Telcos

The Telco industry has seen a huge amount of growth in recent years. As early adopters of technology, in a data rich sector, they can benefit a great deal from the use of the latest big data and analytics technologies. Opportunities to improve the customer experience, location based services, network intelligence, social media insights and fraud detection have arisen and companies who capitalise on this are gaining market share. Telcos are also looking at new opportunities to monetise their data assets through providing information services to a number of other sectors: Retail, Financial Service and Utilities.

Big Data and Analytics for Telcos

Big data & Analytics in Financial Services

Vaibhav Shringarpure talks about the relevance of big data and analytics in the Financial Services industry. Big data provides a key role both in addressing the need for greater client intimacy and in the detection of fraud and error. He explains how Capgemini has been developing solutions around sentiment analysis and next-best-action and how these can give you the edge you need to make informed business decisions and aid customer retention. He also addresses how big data is becoming more important in delivering regulatory compliance.

Big data & Analytics in Financial Services

Big Data in the Public Sector

Ian Pretty describes how big data and analytics is helping address the challenges facing the Public Sector. These include the fight against fraud, the growing problem of identity theft and issues facing welfare agencies, criminal justice departments and licensing agencies.

Big Data in the Public Sector

Big Data and Analytics for Tax Agencies 

Ian Pretty explains how you can use big data and analytics to not only tackle fraud, avoidance and error but identify new sources of revenue.

Data Dimensions Big data and analytics for Tax Agencies

Big Data and Analytics for Insurance

Christina Colby talks about the impact big data and analytics is having on the Insurance sector and some interesting emerging disruptive technologies.

Data Dimensions: Big data and analytics for Insurance

Subrogation Claims Processing for Insurance

Rajas Gokhale discusses how advanced analytics brings new value to the Insurance industry.

Subrogation claims processing for insurance

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