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Capgemini’s world-class IPs and services

Capgemini is a global thought leader in Quality Assurance and Testing, and serves as a trusted partner and testing innovator for leading industries across the globe. Our clients have achieved significant savings in costs and time-to-market using proprietary testing methodologies and assets. Our global Testing practice includes test specialists dedicated to Financial Services, Automotive, Hi-Tech, Healthcare & Life Sciences, CPRD, Energy and Utilities, Telecom, and Government & Public Sector.

We focus on people, process and technology to streamline testing efforts without sacrificing quality or coverage.

In our continued commitment and efforts towards bringing a world-class Quality Assurance and Testing services experience to our customers and partners, we have come up with the Unified Testing Offerings, which brings together Capgemini’s World-class IPs and Services under one umbrella.

Smart QA

Smart QA is built to deliver objectives like strengthening quality at source, optimising testing, improving early defects detection, promoting metrics & insights-driven testing, and minimising production issues along with cost efficiency.

Smart QA is designed to integrate with the existing tools and technology stack of your organisation. It leverages the metadata associated with any test artifact to deliver intelligence driven testing.

Smart Foundry

Smart Foundry leverages solutions spread across environment provisioning, lab management, test data management, and service virtualisation, all delivered in an on-demand mode and through a service portal.

Smart Foundry within the Smart QA solution addresses the key challenges in the SDLC by automating the test environment (distributed platforms) provisioning process, and providing complete fit-for-purpose non-production environments available for use on-the-go.


OPTIK is a hybrid reusable platform-independent, automated front-end testing tool that bridges the gap between increasing demand in digital QA for automated solutions and scarcity of automation resources.

It bundles up multiple test automation capabilities into its automation engine to support:

  • Automated test script generation through an object recognition engine
  • Functional testing
  • Multi device and OS cross browser testing
  • Inter browser UI comparison and analysis

Test Data management central

TDM Central is Capgemini’s one stop solution for all test data needs. It provides a centralised platform which enables setting up an enterprise TDM organisation, data privatisation, test data design and provisioning, tracking and knowledge transition.

This is an end-to-end test data management solution with a self-service portal with functionalities such as finding test data, testing data by auto email, data reservation and synthetic data generation, which can be configured for the test data needs of applications for your organisation.

Intelligent Test Automation Platform (ITAP)

Capgemini’s Intelligent Test Automation Platform (ITAP) uses superior engineering and implementation practices to help customers automate test life cycle activities and move quality upstream.

ITAP uses Capgemini’s rapid automation frameworks to automate test scenarios and middleware services for early testing and certification which are cross compatible and run on multi-channels with minimal effort.

Command Centre

Command Centre is a solution that integrates data from various source systems and provides one view of quality. It is a near real-time reporting system with analytical capabilities.

The Command Centre is Capgemini’s real-time reporting and smart decision platform. It has been built to provide various features by integrating with multiple systems using Open APIs or custom developed connectors. The pre-built connectors exist for various tools including different test management tools (HPE ALM, JIRA), project management tools (HPE PPM, Clarity), incident management tools (Service Now), and many others.

Non-functional Testing Hub

NFT Hub is the future of performance engineering - A one-stop solution for all the performance testing and engineering needs of an organisation, providing orchestration and execution of performance lifecycle from request to fulfillment while automating most activities from Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) validation to test plan creation, standardising script design, workload modeling and test execution to predictive analysis for capacity management.

Unified Testing Offerings clubs our world-class intellectual properties (IPs) and services under one umbrella and helps customers and partners with their end-to-end testing needs. By using some of our key accelerators and frameworks like CAFE next (a unified test automation framework) and TWIST (Test Automation solution for End to End Web service and API validation), our customers can now get upto 50% effort reduction in script development, 20-25% reduction in overall test design and reduction in test execution cycle time by 40%-60%.

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