Integrated Requirements Management Approach

Developing and implementing software on time and within budget starts with the proper communication and management of project scope and requirements. Capgemini’s Integrated Requirements Management Approach (IRMA) standardises the capture and management of system requirements in IT projects, reducing risk and accelerating progress.

A smooth, standardised way to run IT projects

IRMA supports the creation and management of clear and complete requirements to ensure high-quality projects with faster start-ups and lower costs. It helps you run your IT projects more efficiently, contributing to:

  • Easy assessment of customer requirements documentation
  • Standard tool configuration provisioning
  • High-quality, comprehensive requirements documentation
  • Reliable project magnitude estimates

Use IRMA’s full capabilities for practical project support in the form of:

  • Vision
  • Use cases
  • Supplementary specifications
  • Business blueprints (SAP)
  • Development specifications (SAP)
  • Interface mapping
  • Domain models
  • Data management migration (SAP)
  • End-user learning strategies (SAP)
  • Navigation maps
  • Story boards

IRMA structure

IRMA’s current design supports the following types of IT projects and technologies:

  • IRMA for custom software: providing templates and guidelines for dealing with specific elementary requirement types that are fully aligned with the RUP method
  • IRMA for SAP: offering templates and guidelines to capture the requirements of a SAP package implementation. IRMA for SAP is fully integrated with Capgemini’s DeliverSAP method

IRMA also connects seamlessly with other methods and techniques, including Capgemini’s Structured Expert Method for Business Analysis (SEMBA). Roadmaps outline these connections, ensuring that activities and deliverables are aligned, and creating a consistent end-to-end approach throughout the project lifecycle.

How we work

Our requirement specialists developed IRMA to standardise and improve the requirements management discipline. Capgemini’s approach to requirements gathering and management focuses on:

  • RM techniques: our approach draws on proven techniques to achieve results quickly, focusing on requirements management techniques, as well as the quality of the requirements found, described, reused and delivered
  • Flexible and scalable methods: offering a resilient approach that can be tailored to your project, IRMA can be applied in a linear or iterative process
  • Quality procedures: IRMA provides a detailed quality procedure document and is supported by a product quality Index
  • Proven best practices: assimilating requirement specialists’ proven best practices helps the entire RM community deliver excellent solutions quickly

IRMA successfully transforms your business needs into IT system requirements specifications.

A proven approach to requirements management

Developed by Capgemini requirements specialists, IRMA draws on proven standards and methods, including Volere, ISO 9126, RUP and DeliverSAP. It combines leading-edge theories and best practices developed by experienced consultants in this field. The result is a comprehensive, easy-to-use approach  that offers a set of ready-to-use deliverables together with clear guidance.

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