Testing Services for Telcos

Applications now provide the foundation for the modern telcos’ core offerings, reinforcing their brand and reputation. However, inadequate software testing can increase risk, potentially leading to loss of revenue and customer trust.

Performance driven, quality assured

Capgemini and Sogeti offer a comprehensive portfolio of quality assurance and testing services to telcos that take a proven approach to industrialised and structured software testing. Our services maximise return on IT investment and deliver tangible software development benefits:
  • Total cost of testing reduced by up to 30%
  • Quality levels improved by preventing more than 97% of high-severity defects
  • Time to market decreased by at least 15%
  • Technical and business risks significantly mitigated. 

Combining forces to meet your needs

Together, Sogeti and Capgemini have created one of the largest dedicated testing practices, supported by over 6,400 career test professionals and up to 11,000 further applications specialists. Our practice combines Sogeti’s proven methodologies, such as TMap® and TPI®, industry partnerships and reputation as a market leader with Capgemini’s deep sector expertise, global reach, offshore delivery capacity and track record as a trusted sourcing testing partner.


We are dedicated to providing telcos with a testing approach that reduces total cost of ownership through improved software quality, optimised processes, and industrialised non-regression testing. This expertise is balanced by real, on the ground resources – over 500 testing resources dedicated to telco clients globally and flexibility to ramp up capacity quickly and efficiently when required. We also operate a Mobile Application Test Lab with 150 mobile models under testing at any time – and 10,000 test cases that enable us to create the finest granular testing environments and the most accurate tests possible.