Telecoms Legacy Modernisation

Reduce overhead costs and accelerate time to market for your products and services: our Legacy Modernisation experts take you from discovery and assessment to migration and modernisation. The result is agile, cost-effective and modern IT systems.

Legacy Systems Limitations

Many telecommunications operators continue to maintain and operate legacy systems, which are often too complex and inefficient for their business needs. 
As a result, telecoms are often faced with the following challenges: 
  • High maintenance costs
  • Increased risk due to unsupported hardware and software
  • Skills shortage as more vendors adopt new technologies 
  • Older systems that are not supported by vendors 
  • Lack of compatibility with social, mobile and web platforms
To accelerate time to market, telecoms need IT systems that are agile and able to adapt easily to a constantly changing environment.

From Assessment to Modernisation

Our Legacy Modernisation solution builds on three phases to update your legacy systems:
  • Assess and discover: We assess your current code state and legacy requirements.
  • Reengineer: We review, refresh and update your business requirements against our Communications Transformation Platform [CTP] assets.
  • Migrate and modernise: We develop modern systems and retire legacy applications and interfaces

  • Reduced operating expenses as a result of retired legacy systems  
  • Greater return on investment 
  • Faster time to market for new services and products
  • Less reliance on IT workers’ outdated knowledge

Your Legacy Modernisation Experts

We have 40 years of experience in building IT systems for the telecommunications industry. Our Communications Transformation Platform [CTP] assets include more than 5,000 business process flows for use in requirements analysis and business rules extraction. 
We have helped numerous clients update their legacy systems with efficient, cost-effective solutions, including:
  • Billing conversion for an international broadband and telecommunications company
  • Customer and data migration for a North American wireline provider
  • Implementation of 40 new systems and 200 interfaces for a US communications company
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