Telecom Transformation

Embark on your transformation journey with proven business processes for faster results: our Telecom Transformation solution gives you the choice of complete, partial or single-application transformation.

Driving telecom transformation

Mergers, acquisitions, innovations and opportunities are driving telecommunications companies to transform and converge within new areas – products, geographies and companies. While some organisations are responding to new opportunities by creating new business lines or expanding geographically, others are taking action to better contend in a competitive environment.

But reshaping a company’s operations is often risky, costly and time consuming. Telecoms need proven business processes that accelerate their transformation strategy and reduce risk in a cost-effective way.

Jumpstart your transformation journey

Our telecom transformation solution is a robust and tested sequence of sectorised offers, spanning the transformation journey.
  • Industrialise with ALS: Facilitate target application outsourcing - adapted for telcos
  • Transform with CTP: Asset-based framework, including accelerators and implementation tools, enabling telcos to replace applications only where required
  • Rationalise in six-weeks with WARP: Our accelerated approach to identifying application rationalisation opportunities has been customised for telcos
Our telecom transformation solution accelerates your transformation journey via a design-by-exception approach. The Telecom Transformation framework recognizes that telcos undertake different forms of transformation programs, and flexes accordingly:
  • Large AD&M Outsourcing and Modernization (focus on ALS)
  • Greenfield / Brownfield transformation (focus on CTP)

Proven architecture, global platform

We offer you our intellectual property assets, such as our leading technologies and documented business processes, to accelerate your transformation journey across systems, processes, data models and people. We ensure that execution fits precisely with your methodologies and governance.
Our telecom-specific delivery centres in the US, Europe and India support all types of business and technology transformation. We have delivered:
  • An end-to-end build-out system for a North American operator 
  • A phased CRM and order and service management solution for a European service provider
  • A combined CRM and e-commerce solution for an Eastern European operator

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