Telco Transformation

After enduring its own recession, the telecommunications sector has been hit by the global downturn. Bad debt from consumers and businesses has increased while revenue has levelled off and sometimes fallen. Telcos' attention is focused on operational efficiency, costs, time to market and capital expenditure, but meanwhile customers are growing more demanding. Faced with these pressures, telcos must become more agile. They need transformation and rationalisation programmes that let them do more with less – and do it faster.

The benefits of transformation

Transformation allows telcos to:
  • Become more agile and reactive so that they can pursue new revenue streams, replace shortfalls, create new market opportunities and build competitive advantage.
  • Create flexible and scalable processes and systems so they can respond faster to increasing customer expectations.
  • Maximise the return from each customer while also improving the customer experience and hence reducing churn.
  • Improve alignment between strategy and systems.
  • Invest in areas that will increase customer loyalty and generate incremental revenue, while reducing unnecessary cost in the areas that do not.

Our approach

Our approach has the following components.

  • Programme management and governance, drawing on the strong yet pragmatic skills that come with over 40 years’ experience with major telco projects worldwide.
  • Information management that goes beyond technology to translate the vision and needs of key stakeholders into technology requirements.
  • Building customer insight – finding out what customers are thinking and feeling, not just what they are saying, through analysis of their actions. 
  • Understanding the customer journey to find opportunities to impress and identify areas where the customer is unhappy, in order to bring the voice of the customer into your organisation.
  • Examining competitive positioning to  identify areas where investment can increase competitive differentiation; we draw on extensive Capgemini studies, executed by our dedicated telco research laboratory.
  • Prioritising opportunities for improvement, highlighting opportunities to deliver better customer satisfaction and identifying activities that appear to add no value for re-evaluation.
  • Improving business architecture, identifying and implementing procedures and processes to embed the customer permanently at the heart of the organisation.
  • Business Deployment Services to ensure that the business “buys into” the transformation and that the culture of the organisation becomes customer-oriented.

Why Capgemini

We are uniquely placed to offer end-to-end services, from strategic consulting through technology services to outsourcing. We are also one of the few companies that can offer a completely integrated service, incorporating a range of appropriate vendor-agnostic solutions, including Billing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Operations Support Systems (OSS) and network management solutions. By coupling our Communication Transformation Platform (CTP) with industry-leading, reusable Intellectual Property, we help our clients accelerate transformation, be it end-to-end (whole solution), evolutionary (partial solution), or modular (single application).