SAP Supplier Relationship Management

If you're not using SAP for direct and indirect procurement, you should be. It’s the right solution for an efficient and effective supply chain.

Businesses large and small, in every industry, have complex, global supply chain processes. How can you be confident you’re managing all your procurement activities – for direct and indirect – to optimise efficiency and supplier performance? Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) from Capgemini is the answer.

Capgemini links procurement performance to your strategic and financial goals by helping design and implement a streamlined, cross-functional process, enhanced and automated with SAP — an SRM process that standardises purchasing, order fulfilment, invoicing, and inventory replenishment, not just within the "four walls" of your own enterprise but across your entire supply chain.

This end-to-end process design and integration are critical to:

  • Managing procurement processes, procedures, and policies better
  • Capturing and sustaining procurement savings by linking Strategic Sourcing and Purchase-to-Pay processes
  • Improving supplier compliance with contracts and standards, thereby decreasing time and effort in procurement activities and reducing total overall costs
  • Linking procurement with production and marketing, so the function can recognise and respond to demand and sales requirements
  • Extending the value of SAP from indirect to direct procurement and, in this way, exploiting untapped opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improving the ease and speed with which new suppliers are "on-boarded"
  • Leveraging SAP to maximum advantage, including the innovative sub modules, workflows, and supplier portal of the most recent version of the software

Collaboration – with our clients, with SAP, and within our own organisation – enables Capgemini to deliver the best solution

For large companies, our SRM solution is built on industry best practices, state-of-the-art technology and in-depth industry expertise. Based on your specific needs, we craft a tailored solution that incorporates sourcing management, order management, purchase-to-pay management, compliance management and reporting.

For small and mid-sized companies, Capgemini Procurement Services offers innovative on-demand tools and services for Strategic Sourcing, Contract Management and Purchase-to-Pay.With our Procurement-as-a-Service solution, there is no need for heavy up-front technology investment: you pay for what you get and use.

Capgemini has more than 400 procurement professionals worldwide, who have worked with more than 1,000 clients around the world. Our pioneering solutions have delivered savings and value worth well over £500m to clients. All that expertise and experience are brought to our SAP initiatives.

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