Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a next-generation SCM solution for today’s growing companies. To ensure a smooth, successful implementation, we bring extensive Oracle Fusion Applications and SCM business experience backed up by years of Business Process Management (BPM) and industry expertise.

The need for process and system simplification

According to a study conducted by Peerless Research Group on behalf of Supply Chain Management Review and Logistics Management for Oracle Corporation and Capgemini, today's enterprises manage an average of three order management systems and three order fulfillment systems, which often lack sufficient integration and standardisation.

Without the proper technology, the resulting limited visibility and management restricts growth and leads to high cost and service inefficiencies. Attention to this is crucial. Especially when maintaining high-value customer experience across all channels, it is increasingly a key differentiator.

Consolidated, orchestrated and smart SCM

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) addresses the needs of today’s complex, distributed enterprises. It can streamline your supply chain and transform business operations by creating a single view for order, supply and fulfilment plans across the entire enterprise with Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration (DOO), providing accurate order promising dates with Oracle Fusion Global Order Promising (GOP), and offering a unified and accurate product definition with Oracle Fusion Product Hub.

We guide you through your adoption of Oracle Fusion SCM to help you maximise these capabilities.The result? Improved order accuracy, increased customer satisfaction, higher profit margins, and a foundation for growth.


A leader in Supply Chain Management 

We offer one of the broadest SCM portfolios on the market, deep BPM expertise, Oracle Fusion excellence, broad industry experience and renowned consultants. This is why Capgemini is uniquely positioned to provide the full range of services as we collaborate with you in your implementation of Oracle Fusion SCM. The breadth and excellence of our capabilities mean that you will get the SCM solution that’s best for your company, so you can achieve lower fulfilment costs, improved customer experience and accelerated business processes.

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