Automotive Supplier Relationship Management

Globalisation and the introduction of new vehicle programmes have created increasingly complex automotive supply chain challenges. Working together with SAP, we help automotive companies realise value through standard procurement practices.

Change your approach to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Your company needs a clear strategy, supported by the appropriate solution, to address your supplier issues properly.

The software to build the foundation for your solution exists: SAP SRM, implemented by Capgemini, will help you establish supplier standards and eliminate duplication, among many other benefits.

Increase value through the automotive supply chain

We look at your procurement goals from a global perspective. Our comprehensive approach to implementing SAP SRM involves:

  • Creating a 4-block working structure of Strategic Sourcing, Contract and Supplier Management, Purchasing and Accounts Payable
  • Inputting the procurement intelligence, including performance indicators and spending analysis, into each block, using a closed-loop process that continues to optimise practices and add value long after our consultants leave the scene
  • Identifying the opportunities for improvement and for driving business value that result from an SAP SRM implementation
  • Using the assessment to create an automotive procurement roadmap that prioritises SAP components and facilitates quick implementation, resulting in rapid return on investment

Outstanding experience with SRM

Over the past 16 years, we have collaborated with approximately 1,800 global clients to implement more than 3,700 SAP projects across all major industry sectors. Our breadth of expertise has been recognised by two 2012 SAP Pinnacle Awards.

As a certified SAP SRM partner, we bring depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in the SRM arena. We also draw on the skills and expertise of more than 500 dedicated sourcing and e-procurement practitioners worldwide. Our SRM solution centres specialise in identifying value-adding opportunities for automotive companies.

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