SAP Front Office Solutions

On both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) fronts, organisations face major disruptions and major opportunities. In B2C, the game-changer is the shift towards consumer control. In B2B, and more generally, an important challenge is to take advantage of cost-reducing technologies such as cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) without sacrificing quality. In both cases, SAP and Capgemini are here to help.

SAP cloud for customer solution

NATS, the leading air navigation services specialist, in collaboration with Capgemini, is the first organisation in the UK to implement the SAP Cloud for Customer solution. As a result, employees can access advanced functionality via mobile devices anytime, anywhere, dramatically improving sales processes.

NATS is already realising substantial business benefits, including: halving the time taken to produce monthly reports, with immediate savings in time and effort – a big step forward in terms of transformation of data quality, visibility and reporting; improved control and reduced costs resulting from work flow automation; a modern UI capability across device; and better-informed decision making through self-service dashboards linked to Outlook, increasing the ef¬ficiency of the business development team.

Gavin Walker, CIO for NATS, said: "This project has gone extremely well, and the part I am most proud of is how it demonstrates that, with the business, We can deliver leading-edge services in a very cost-effective, collaborative and innovative way."

A serious contender in the front office, now with a SaaS option

Consumers today want what they want any time, anywhere and through any channel, and organisations that fail to keep up with social media activity do so at their peril. Until recently, an ERP vendor wouldn't have been the obvious source of help, but SAP's recent activities and acquisitions have turned that situation around. SAP has:
  • Introduced the SAP HANA platform, which uses in-memory database technology for all data, together with multi-core processors and super-fast networks to allow ultra-fast processing.
  • Deployed its stable core business suite on this new platform. The release of SAP's Customer 360 solution, together with insight analytics, makes concepts like "next best action" a reality for both consumers and business customers.
  • Forged links with, or acquired, the developers of other major innovations including Syclo, Sybase and Hybris in the mobile/e-commerce area, and NetBase and Fan Appz in the social CRM area.
SAP has also developed applications for use on a SaaS basis, hosted in the cloud – so providing a low-cost platform for your B2B marketing, sales and service processes.

How Capgemini can help

Whether or not you’re currently an SAP user, Capgemini can help you work out what you need, and then deploy the technology affordably and fast. We can work with you to:
  • Specify the optimal target SAP architecture and implementation roadmap to achieve your business goals – for example, using SAP in the cloud, on-premise or with a hybrid model, and integrating consumer channels using technologies such as Hybris and SAP BCM to achieve an all-channel experience.
  • Help you to develop your business case for investment.
  • Implement your chosen solution and integrate it into the business.
  • Realise the full value of SAP front office solutions in achieving business innovation, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption to your business.
We also offer several specific SAP front office based solutions, outlined below.

Turning consumer insight into action

In a world of all-powerful consumers, companies need to forge close links with the people who buy their products, and target them with the right offers at the moment when they are deciding whether to buy.

To understand what consumers intend and want, companies must exploit not just their own data about past purchases and interest, but also "big data" from various sources, including social media. This means managing vast amounts of unstructured data that may need to be analysed instantly – something that traditional databases would struggle to do, but that is now possible with SAP’s breakthrough HANA technology.

A new integrated solution from SAP and Capgemini takes advantage of this technology to help you understand consumers and influence their decisions in real time.

Getting a 360o customer view with SAP Business Communications Management (BCM)

Multi-channel integration is the key to making your relationship with your customers mutually beneficial, but the proliferation of channels has made it challenging to achieve – until now. SAP BCM is a telephony switch application that enables you to create a smooth, consistent customer experience across all channels while also maximising the efficiency and responsiveness of your contact centre.

Capgemini can help you deploy BCM to achieve multi-channel integration across all your customer-related activities and applications, strengthening your customer focus.

Why Capgemini

Capgemini is uniquely placed to help you take advantage of the new SAP capabilities. The winner of two 2012 SAP Pinnacle Awards, we work closely with SAP and have a dedicated global Centre of Excellence for SAP HANA. We combine our SAP capabilities with in-depth knowledge of all major sectors, and can guide you towards the combinations of solutions that are most relevant to your business.

Our extensive cloud experience positions us ideally to help you implement SAP in the cloud, if you decide to pursue that option. We can, for example, help you integrate SAP's cloud-based social solutions into your systems landscape, together with complementary tools such as NetBase's social media monitoring.