SAP enterprise intelligence management

What data belongs where? Who "owns" the data? How is data used, within and beyond the “four walls” of your company? Better data management drives business performance. It’s that important.

It’s all about a better run business

Better Enterprise Information Management delivers sustainable business benefits, including improved collaboration customers and suppliers, reduced costs, higher productivity, and increased sales. Capgemini believes that EIM is about effectiveness first and technology second. With this in mind, Capgemini uses SAP technologies to create a basis for delivering consistent value to organisations.

Get the same consistent, accurate data

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is all about taking care of a value asset: your company’s data for customers, vendors, and products. EIM from Capgemini is set of processes and technologies that enable you to create and maintain a consistent, accurate, and standardised view of data across business systems.

The success of strategic initiatives depends on good data. That’s why our approach to EIM is complete and comprehensive, covering all the bases in embedding clean and useable data into your organisation:

  • People and ownership. Who’s responsible for data in your company? Without question, data can be controlled effectively only if it’s owned by the business users, and this requires buy-in from the top.
  • Systems and applications. A repository of master data can enable proper control, while supporting and integrating the systems, users, and processes that need reliable data to work effectively.
  • Processes and procedures. Information management needs cross-functional processes, procedures, and workflows that are deployed throughout the organisation in support of core business functions.

Our A-to-Z approach delivers an EIM solution that’s right for your business

Capgemini has everything you need – the strategic approach, tool kit, governance model, accelerators, and knowledge – to enable you to take full advantage SAP’s EIM capabilities. We cover all the bases:

  • Data Quality. We understand the roles of people, processes, and technologies in achieving, maintaining, and disseminating data that’s reliable, relevant, and timely. An EIM solution from Capgemini and SAP is rich with rules that ensure and protect data quality.
  • Data governance. We’ll help your organisation focus on the value of information, so users can understand how to manage and use data properly, as an enabler of strategic value within core business processes. Capgemini has a portfolio of data governance offerings – from defining goals to “operationalising” good practices, policies, and procedures. By focusing right away on near-term initiatives, we lay the groundwork for long-term success.
  • Data Migration. Our Data Migration Factory – a methodology, best practices, templates, and accelerators, as well as a series of technology-specific frameworks – takes the risk out of data migration projects, while increasing the reliability of the outcome. We support a variety of technologies, while including specific controls and processes to ensure security standards.
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