Food, bakery and confectionery leader continues to maximise sourcing power with Capgemini Procurement Services

| Client story

Fazer Group empowers sourcing process and organisation with IBX eSourcing Suite.

"We have now been operating the Sourcing Suite within Fazer for five years. The main objectives of implementing the software have been reached. We will continue this way of doing sourcing since we can see the benefits for our company, both regarding creating a competitive arena for tenders and for creating efficiency in the process.” Arto Almér, Senior Vice President, Sourcing, Fazer Group


The situation

Fazer Group, a leader in food services, bakery and confectionery in the Nordic and Baltic regions, was running an extensive sourcing development programme to establish a new group-wide sourcing organisation and category-based sourcing processes. Fazer Group realised the organisation and processes needed to be empowered by modern purchasing tools and hired Capgemini Procurement Services to speed up the purchasing process, increase standardisation in the purchasing department and improve transparency and knowledge management in the business. The service provider was hired as the partner for its world-class IBX eSourcing Suite, its sourcing and procurement expertise and its strong support in northern Europe.

After a successful initial contract period of five years, Fazer decided to extend the contract with Capgemini Procurement Services for the IBX eSourcing Suite.

The solution

The IBX eSourcing Suite, identified by Fazer Group to be best-in-class, supports the complete strategic sourcing process, providing functionality to run electronic tendering processes, eAuctions, supplier and category management, and sourcing project management.

The partnership is, however, much more than simply the tool: Capgemini Procurement Services’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model and highly skilled professionals – with extensive sourcing and category expertise – have strongly contributed to the solution, becoming a long-term business success.

The result

Fazer Group has accomplished three main objectives by deploying the IBX eSourcing Suite. First, it has improved the transparency and availability of sourcing information and knowledge enterprise-wide. Second, its sourcing process is applied across the organisation. Third, the company has maximised its sourcing power to optimise bottom-line savings.

All Fazer businesses – Food Services and Bakeries & Confectionery – are today enjoying the benefits of the eSourcing Suite. As concrete evidence of the success of the IBX eSourcing Suite deployment, the majority of tender rounds are done through the tool, covering raw materials, packaging and indirect purchasing from flour and sugar to plastic cups and packaging.