Tax & Welfare

Globalisation is one of several factors affecting the public sector - as little as five years ago the public sector acted discretely whereas now it has adopted a more global outlook. We respond to the changing public sector landscape by drawing on our leading position in Europe when working in other markets and by introducing new approaches and ideas to service delivery.


What we offer

The public sector is undergoing unprecedented transformation. Organisations that once operated independently must collaborate to improve services to citizens, business customers and other agencies, while incorporating significant budget reforms. Capgemini supports the public sector with a skilled approach in a number of key areas of expertise.

  • Taxation
    Helping HMRC's journey to a simplified tax system

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  • Welfare and pensions
    Making a difference at DWP

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  • Evasion, fraud and error
    Capgemini is a leader in yield and anti-fraud protection in tax & welfare

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  • EnablesWel
    EnablesWel enables welfare transformation to benefit civil servants and citizens alike.

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  • Digital transformation for tax & welfare
    Embrace digital technology to achieve significant improvements in policy outcomes, customer service and productivity.

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