Local and Devolved Government

Local authorities and the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are at the forefront of meeting citizen expectations. They share the common challenge of maintaining service levels in the face of reduced revenues.

Our solutions

From maximising the potential of our clients’ workforces and technology, to enabling seamless inter-agency and departmental collaboration, our solutions and services put the citizen at the heart of devolved and local government, improving their experience and delivering better value.

We know how to combine real-time data collection and analytics to enable you to understand customers better and anticipate future needs. We can also provide the information and technology infrastructure to underpin vital systems – from transport networks and energy grids to accessible, multi-channel public services.

Why Capgemini

With 40 years' public sector experience, Capgemini provides end-to-end consulting, technology and outsourcing services to a wide range of clients in local and devolved government. Clients achieve cost reductions, greater business visibility and control, agility and the leadership, governance and commissioning capabilities to achieve strategic outcomes. 

Associated experts