Health and Social Care

The pace of change and rate of investment has been unprecedented in healthcare. Public and patients rightly expect tangible results from increases in spending. With the current economic climate, we know those increases can’t go on forever. That means delivering better health and better customer service more cheaply and quickly in the future. In our view, that adds up to working smarter.

Our collaborative approach


Our way of working means we involve stakeholders and users in designing their IT architecture, rather than presenting them with a fait accompli. We give staff the skills, confidence and space to deliver change themselves, rather than doing it to them. We get stakeholders round a table to co-design new services rather than working in isolation. This collaborative approach has been proven many times to work well the NHS.


Our solutions

We bring together people, process and technology to deliver lasting change. Our offerings fall into three categories reflecting our market:
Informing national direction: We work with the Department of Health in building ownership of policies such as World Class Commissioning, System Management, Innovation, Leadership, Next Stage Review. We also work with Connecting for Health, shaping Technical Architecture and Information Governance.

Delivering world-class commissioning: With commissioners we jointly meet the challenges of planning, buying and checking care pathways. We bring rigour to the use of information and attention to relationships with staff, patients and the public.

Improving the delivery of services: We work with organisations in the diagnosis of their performance challenges. We then design and implement solutions like transformation of a community health team, deployment of lean processes, or improved access to information such as patient records.

Why Capgemini

In addition to our collaborative way of working – the Collaborative Business Experience – we have five important differentiators:

  • Our experience is second to none. We work throughout the NHS and Department of Health, engaging at every level and connecting policy to strategy to operational delivery.
  • We to design, build and run solutions. Other companies specialise in one of these steps, but we support you right through the cycle.
  • We get ownership of solutions. We combine hard rational thinking with an emphasis on building ownership of potential solutions amongst those who will ultimately deliver them.
  • We build capability, not reliance on consultants. Transfering skills from our people to yours through methods like hothousing is an important part of our role.
  • We find the experts that you need. Our ecosystems of partners deliver the very best from the market to the NHS.