Innovative technology solutions and collaborative working practices are required to support the wide-ranging requirements of current military operations in pursuit of the MoD’s vision to be "A Force for Good in the World". Capgemini continues to lead the industry in helping to develop and provide the IS and IT services required to realise this vision.

A progressive approach to defence

To reduce the cost and risk associated with rapid transformation, Capgemini has developed a “Building Block Factory” approach. This uses industrialised processes for system design and development to obtain quick and reliable results.

In the Building Block Factory, a number of successful concepts are combined such as the Accelerated Solutions Environment to speed up design and decision-making, and Rightshore® to engage the right capabilities and maximise cost effectiveness.



Collaborative expertise for the military environment

Capgemini recognises that the collaboration demanded in today’s military environment is both a technology and a business issue. We combine our considerable expertise in business transformation, operations and training, planning, and logistics, with the development of integration frameworks in a defence context.

We have extensive experience in helping defence organisations transform their organisations and develop new systems. We are the leading implementation partner for SAP DFPS, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) module for armed forces.


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