Border Management

Today’s rapidly evolving economic, political and social landscape is creating unprecedented challenges for border management. Government must facilitate legitimate travel and trade while maintaining strong security at the border.

Capgemini Border Management

Responding to the challenges of modern border management

Capgemini’s border management strategies cover goods and people, points of entry and physical borders, and strategic and operational aspects. We work closely with government to provide insights and expertise that deliver tangible results, enhancing border security and facilitating border management.

Our robust solutions help you maintain border security in the face of key challenges:

  • Rising international passenger numbers, freight volumes and legal and illegal migrants 
  • Migratory pressures stemming from climate change and European Union expansion 
  • Natural threats and those linked to terrorism and organised crime 
  • Illegal trafficking of people and goods 

A tailored approach to improving border management

While there is no one-size-fits-all border management solution, our experience shows that government must adopt a holistic approach that fosters cross-agency collaboration. We help you develop and implement effective border management solutions that are business-oriented and technologically advanced, placing intelligence at the heart of operations.

Proven border strategy expertise

Capgemini is a thought leader in Border Management. We have collaborated closely with the Home Office for many years on a number of Border Management initiatives. We worked with the Immigration and Nationality Directorate to implement a biometric border control system using iris recognition. We also designed a pilot to test the e-Borders concept prior to implementation, and to de-risk the work involved in data collection from airlines, name matching, watch listing and creating alerts. More recently, we have worked with the UK Border Agency to design its UK Border Force Intelligence Model, and helped UKBA and BAA to design an automated clearance system for frequent passengers.

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