Performance transformation solution with OFSAA

Streamline your performance management systems with our Performance transformation solution with Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA), a pre-integrated solution that helps businesses meet the challenges of today while getting ready for tomorrow.

Managerial Challenges

Performance management is critical to the success of banks and financial institutions, and can have far-reaching business implications. However, the effectiveness of traditional performance management systems is hampered by several challenges:
  • Managing multiple core and source applications
  • Handling high-volume data
  • Coordinating business data with budgeting and planning applications
  • Dealing with data reconciliation and adjustment entries


A Modular Solution

Our Performance Transformation Solution with OFSAA uses key Oracle components to help organisations streamline their performance management systems. Our pre-integrated solution helps build the holistic, modular architecture that provides end-to-end coverage for banking, finance and insurance industries. This helps businesses shift from being just a finance custodian to a strategic player.

  • Extended performance management
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • Dimensional data models
  • Single, integrated data mart
  • Performance dashboards and analytics
  • Improved data quality


Accelerated and predictable results

By partnering with us, clients are assured of a faster time-to-market while ensuring a risk-free deployment that meets their unique business needs. This is made possible with our pre-built tools and accelerators, pre-configured solutions and product lab for prototyping before the actual deployment. These are supported by our pool of resources experienced in OFSAA and domain experts with Banking and Financial Services industry knowledge.

Contact our experts today to learn how we can transform your performance management.

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