People Analytics

A step change in HR with Advanced Analytics and Big Data


HR is often the poor relation in companies. Yet in our fast moving world, what is more important than identifying and grooming the right talent? Our solutions help you make smarter decisions in human capital management.

Optimise the way your organisation uses Human Resources

As an HR director, you’re probably aware that you could achieve your aims more effectively through better use of data. With today’s technology, you can now automate much of the work of matching people to requirements, bring together structured and unstructured data to learn more about the potential of your own staff, and take advantage of information available in social networks to find out about potential recruits. All of this provides you with a much richer set of insights, helping you take decisions faster, match people better to requirements, and reduce costs.


People Analytics - Advanced analytics and Big Data

Based on IBM Watson and BigInsights we help you apply new insights from big data and analytics to your HR. Natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analytics, and data visualisation combine to match people better to requirements, streamline HR processes, save time and reduce costs.


HRSMART - Smarter decisions in Human Capital Management

Providing better tracking and management of your human capital, and efficient workforce and performance management, critical to the overall functioning of the organisation

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