Partners and Capgemini offer extensive experience in a relatively new field. Our clients get everything they expect from Software as a Service (SaaS), but also something more unusual. Whereas SaaS is often seen as limited to departmental or point solutions, we can help you make it into a strategic component of your IT landscape. Business processes delivered from the cloud can be fully integrated with other systems, both on-demand and on-premise. is the world’s leading SaaS provider.’s CRM applications manage customer information for over 3m users and 100,000+ customers.
Capgemini was among the first system integration specialists to get to grips with cloud, and has built extensive services and skills, particularly for integrating cloud applications with legacy systems. Capgemini’s Immediate is the first complete cloud service offering in the marketplace.
Our approach has been tailored to cloud and SaaS, so you can draw on mature integration capabilities without worrying that we’ll overcomplicate matters.
Together, Capgemini and have successfully completed some of the UK’s most challenging SaaS projects to date. We often work with additional partners; Capgemini can act as a prime contractor, bringing together the people and components to give you the solution you need without additional management overheads.

It is Capgemini’s CRM and integration expertise, coupled with the strength of’s solution, that make SaaS a strategic component of the CIO’s landscape.