"Pivotal is the platform that developers will use to build the next generation of applications."
- Paul Maritz, CEO Pivotal 

Capgemini’s partnership with EMC and the Business Data Lake

Apps, Data, Analytics: Creating a Virtuous Information Cycle

To reap full benefits from their data, companies need a virtuous information cycle:
  • Apps power businesses, and these apps generate data
  • Analytic insights from resulting data drive new app functionality, which subsequently drives new data



Companies that master this cycle are empowered to learn, innovate and differentiate themselves faster than the competition. But the challenge is bringing all aspects together in a way that can be accessed rapidly by all users both inside and outside the enterprise. Creating the information value cycle and transforming into a digital enterprise are key to addressing this challenge.




Bringing Consumer-Grade Capabilities to the Enterprise

Capgemini and Pivotal are supporting the information value cycle by bringing together a suite of proven technologies that are:
  • Open source
  • Data-centric
  • Multi-cloud
  • Developer-friendly
  • Enterprise-friendly

For the first time, these technologies are brought together with a single focus and integrated approach enabling enterprises to become consumer grade. The result is a unified source for all data, integration and application development needs, enabling you to reintegrate information into the enterprise to create that virtuous cycle.

Co-innovating for Better Business Advantage

Capgemini and Pivotal are working together to combine Pivotal’s leading-class technologies with Capgemini’s extensive experience in delivering transformational projects to businesses. Leveraging Capgemini's strengths in Business Process, Digital Transformation, Big Data  and Business Information Management (BIM),  this co-innovation partnership aims to deliver new approaches to solving business challenges. The first innovation is The Business Data Lake, a new approach to enterprise information management.

To learn more about how Capgemini and Pivotal can power your enterprise for a new era, contact us today at bim@capgemini.com.

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