Do you need to make your business processes more efficient and improve your customer experience? A diverse set of back office systems can make it hard to provide a consistent, easy-to-use interface for users inside and outside the company. Capgemini’s partnership with Adobe offers the solutions and support you need to transform the way your business works.
Adobe’s LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2 (ES2) software offers a fast, flexible approach to developing applications people want to use. The aim is to bridge that last gap between the organisation and its customers.

Capgemini is one of Adobe’s top global systems integrators in both the public and the private sectors. We can show you how to use Adobe’s enterprise software set to improve your efficiency through business process automation and enhance customer service with personalised communications management.
If you would like to use Adobe’s solutions to extend existing back-end systems, we offer a seamless approach to designing, developing and implementing new applications. Our Rapid Design and Visualisation methodology helps cut costs on this type of project by up to 50%. We are technology-agnostic, so our clients have the choice of using Adobe technologies on a broad range of platforms.
As well as handling technical integration requirements, we manage the business changes needed to help our clients make the most of new processes and new capacity. We can evaluate your business processes, re-draw workflows and help plan the business transformation.
Capgemini can help you use Adobe LiveCycle ES2 to extend the reach of your existing systems and radically improve the way you do business, both inside and outside the organisation.
Our joint projects deliver significant cost and efficiency benefits by:
  • Streamlining critical business processes
  • Extending the value of existing back-end systems
  • Building and deploying applications quickly