Valeo and Capgemini collaborate to develop a unique smart mobility solution for corporate fleets and car rental companies

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Paris – Valeo, one of the world’s foremost automotive suppliers, and Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services have decided to collaborate to develop connected mobility solutions. Capgemini’s digital expertise combined with Valeo’s smart key technology – Valeo InBlue™, will allow secure virtual key management and real-time car data collection together with digital services for corporate fleets and car rental companies.

Valeo’s InBlue™ solution is a vehicle entry/start system allowing drivers to use their smartphone to lock, unlock and start their car, transfer vehicle data coupled with a highly secured cloud-based platform. In addition to have full command of IT integration, Capgemini has customised digital services in order to accelerate its time-to-market. This industrial solution will allow drivers to enjoy an enhanced and innovative customer journey, and fleet managers to make car sharing and monitoring safe and seamless.
The development of virtual keys and associated IT platform for services, combined with this next generation of connected cars, will enable a lot of various services that customers already exhibit high appetite for (eg. remotely lock, unlock and geolocalise vehicle, according to Capgemini’s 2014 Cars online report: "Generation connected").
"The Internet of Things offers the car market tremendous value creation opportunities. What was earlier an individual and linear experience today becomes a collaborative and interactive journey. We are delighted to team up with Valeo to leverage our connected car platforms asset and accelerate the development of new and innovative digital services." said Stephane Régnier, Senior Vice President and Head of Digital at Capgemini Consulting France, the group’s global strategy and transformation consulting arm that will drive this collaboration.
"This collaboration is an opportunity for Valeo to quickly deploy Valeo InBlue™ Virtual Key solution on corporate fleets and car rental companies, packed with a complete suite of tools for end users and fleet administrators. It will help us to learn from the market and improve a technical solution for the benefit of all customers." stated Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Business Group President, Marc Vrecko.
This solution particularly fits corporate fleets and car rental companies, both sensitive to data generation and key ergonomics. Parcours leasing company will be the first actor to test and assess the end-to-end InBlue Mobility Solution, with a proof of concept deployed on approximately one hundred of vehicles early 2016, after collaborative development. Philippe Punzo, Executive Director at Parcours, said: "With the InBlue Mobility Solution, not only will virtual keys help optimise our fleet use rate but also will real-time data collection put us ahead of cars maintenance needs and drivers’ profiles."
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