Capgemini Change Project plans to boost efficiency at the Home Office

| Press release

Capgemini UK plc has won the contract to develop a High Level Design for an Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) system at the Home Office following a competitive bidding process. The proposed new system will promote more collaborative ways of working within the Home Office and boost internal efficiency by improving access to information.

If the High Level Design is accepted, Capgemini will be responsible for implementing both the new technology and the associated programme of business change at the Home Office. The company will work in close collaboration with a Home Office team, with incumbent IT supplier Fujitsu, and with two of its other alliance technology partners, Microsoft and Meridio.

The aim of the project is to give the Home Office a state-of-the-art system for managing and exploiting one of its greatest assets, information. It will enable staff to:

  • store and manage documents and records more effectively and share knowledge more efficiently;
  • find information for comprehensive and up-to-date briefings for Ministers and officials searching a central Home Office information store;
  • quickly retrieve all documents on a subject, so that public enquiries can be answered faster;
  • easily assemble evidence for supporting policy, using a powerful search engine collecting information from many different sources.

Gareth Bunn, Head of Government and Public Sector at Capgemini, said: ‘Our bid put the focus strongly on the business benefits of EDRM and spelt out precisely how they will be achieved. This clearly chimed with the expectations of the Home Office, as did our track record of successfully delivering complex time-critical public sector programmes. Also key to our success, we believe, was our partnership with Microsoft and Meridio to design a solution that will meet all Home Office requirements.’


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Notes to Editors
The Electronic Document and Record Management (EDRM) Project is part of the Chorus Programme which brings together the Information Access Projects (IAPs) and EDRM as part the HO business change programme. The Programme is a major contributor to HO reform. The IAPs are helping HO Units to organise their information and store it in the Corporate File Plan, which is a HO-wide information structure. This will not only support the HO response to FOI but will allow HO staff to share their information across all sections, not just in local information silos. Building on the IAPs EDRM will deliver:

  • a programme of education so everyone understands the principle of organising their information and sharing their knowledge and expertise;
  • a central information store for HO information; and
  • a powerful search engine that will collect information from many different sources with just one search.

The Chorus Programme will change the way we work so that organising and sharing information become part of our culture.

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