Capgemini Mobile Secure with AirWatch by VMware

Enterprise mobility means organisations are facing increasing concerns around securing content and data management. However, there is a quick and affordable way to achieve a productive mobile enterprise.

Capgemini & VMware’s strategic partnership to deliver an Enterprise Mobility Management solution

The challenge of achieving a productive mobile enterprise

The productivity potential of enterprise mobility is clear, but business challenges arise around:
Security: the introduction of various mobile devices on a corporate network presents a security concern
Support: delivering access across a variety of devices and operating systems demands a platform and special talent to support it
Return On Investment: an enterprise mobility initiative requires significant effort to license and integrate systems and then realise full adoption and maximum business benefit.
You need to consider an Enterprise Mobility Management solution that can be readily implemented to manage all your mobile devices, across all platforms.

A formidable Enterprise Mobility Management suite

Together Capgemini and AirWatch by VMware provide and manage the mobility infrastructure, resources, setup and associated services so that clients can focus on their business. This means you can allow your employees to securely access enterprise systems from various mobile devices without a need for major upfront investment.
The Enterprise Mobility Management suite approach is three-fold:
  • Quick path to a productive mobile enterprise through preconfigured service and operational processes
  • Industry-optimised managed mobility through industry-ready accelerators and co-innovation
  • Agility to innovate, transform, and grow through end-to-end services and a robust mobile platform combining strengths in analytics, social media and cloud computing

Enterprise mobility orchestrator meets EMM market leader

With over 20 years of experience in providing mobile solutions as our clients Enterprise Mobility Orchestrator and AirWatch by VMware as market leader in mobile device management, you’ll have the combined strength of two leading service providers to tackle the complexities of enterprise mobility.
We recognise that successful enterprise mobility management is about ensuring right levels of device security and management as well as addressing the change management aspects. 
Now you can allay any concerns around securing content and data management while also empowering mobile users.

Find out more on how to provide secure employee mobile access without the large upfront investment by visiting our Booth at this year's Mobile World Congress 2015 to be held at Barcelona.
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