Today, workers demand increased storage while organisations grapple with increased costs and regulations associated with messaging services. To meet these challenges, Capgemini and EMC offer customised Messaging-as-a-Service solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

Communicating without the hassle

By taking the hassle and cost out of messaging, our Messaging-as-a-Service solution facilitates—rather than complicates—business success. Capgemini and EMC handle messaging complexities, such as backend storage and security concerns, so your organisation can focus on its bottom line. Additionally, your organisation lowers total cost of ownership by switching from capital to operational expenditures.

A tailored methodology for messaging

Capgemini and EMC work with you to determine the optimum Messaging-as-a-Service model for your organisation. Capgemini’s operational readiness process analyses your on-premises environment and plans the transition and migration with a risk-balanced roadmap that includes backup safeguards to ensure continuity. Once the transition plan is determined, Capgemini handles the migration with specific emphasis on connectivity and service validation testing.

Expertise built on messaging service success

Capgemini draws on tried-and-tested cross-disciplinary expertise to implement the Messaging-as-a-Service solution that works for your organisation. Recently, we leveraged our public sector experience to help a large European police force reduce the costs associated with messaging. The police force achieved better flexibility and lower costs by outsourcing hosting and management of its messaging environment to Capgemini.

Capgemini has also worked with a large multi-service cable company in Latin America to provide messaging-as-a-service for its subscribers.

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