Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

  • Jon Nelmes

    Account Lead, Consulting Services
    +44 870 906 7843

    My aim is to ensure that we bring together all the right skills and resources from Capgemini’s global network to meet EDF Energy needs and help you achieve digital leadership of its sector. I am especially proud of our work together in the digital area – for example, Project Spire which is creating a new digital operating model for redesigning the digital presence around users’ needs. I’ve been working on the account since February 2013, acting as a sounding board for both EDF Energy and Capgemini to help keep our work on track. I have worked with EDF Energy on and off since 2005 and enjoy the variety of our work together and the cultural match. My background is mostly consultancy for utilities; I have a degree in Business and French.

  • Jon Brooke

    Account Executive
    +44 870 904 5861

    I’m delighted by the growth of our collaboration over the past ten years, but especially by the trust you have placed in Capgemini as you embark on the HPC construction project in NNB.  I believe that our successes are underpinned by our alignment with EDF Energy’s values of Trust, Transparency and Teamwork, which I see my colleagues demonstrating daily; my aim in this regard is to lead by example.  After university I joined an open systems consultancy that later became part of Capgemini. My current role within Capgemini is Vice President, Application Services for Energy & Utilities.

  • Maggie Buggie

    Global Head of Digital Sales and Markets, Capgemini
    +44 870 904 6027
    Twitter @MaggieBuggie

    I am excited to have the opportunity to discuss how EDF Energy can transform the enterprise and increase business performance through intelligent use of digital. Previously I was responsible for Global Cloud Sales and Consulting and delivered a number of transformation programmes at other consulting and technology service companies.  I have significant international experience and am executive sponsor for our diversity@capgemini initiative. In 2013 I won the “Women in the City” technology category award. I hold a Master of Letters and a BBS Lang from Trinity College, Dublin, as well as a degree from the Grande Ecole de Commerce de Rouen.

  • David Hatfield

    Service Delivery Director, Application Development, and Vice President
    +44 870 904 3854

    I’ve recently joined the account to manage application development services for Smart
    Metering and Nuclear New Build. With long experience of running major, secure programmes
    for large government departments, including the electronic commerce platform for the MoD
    and Compliance and Enforcement for HMRC, I know what’s involved in carrying out
    commercial functions with secure information. I welcome the opportunity to work with EDF.

  • David Turnbull

    Service Delivery Director, “Run the Business”, Infrastructure
    +44 870 904 4206

    We provide infrastructure support across all of EDF Energy’s business and it’s my job to make
    sure that the service is to the standard the client expects, and that we identify and make any
    changes needed to maintain that high service standard. I used to work on Capgemini’s British
    Energy account and it’s been fascinating to see the development of the EDF Energy business. I
    have also worked in the banking sector, mostly in delivery roles – and excellent customer service
    is my passion.