Master Data Management in Automotive

Capgemini can show you how to drive cost reductions and control your purchasing data. We provide automotive companies with the key through our Master Data Management (MDM) approach that includes strategy and roadmap.

Drive cost reductions and control purchasing data

Gaining control of direct materials procurement across the enterprise can seem an impossible task. Master Data Management holds the key to controlling purchasing data.

Capgemini takes a holistic approach to Master Data Management, including strategy and roadmap. We concentrate the information you need into a flow of data that is easy to manage and compare with key performance indicators. This enables collaboration inside and outside your firewall. As a result, automotive companies can establish and maintain data standardisation, internal data alignment, and external data synchronisation guidelines and processes for creating, storing and publishing master data.

Capgemini's strategy for success

Capgemini combines a strategic approach, tool kit, governance model, accelerators and automotive industry experience to help your company realise the full potential of MDM, enabling you to:

  • Enforce data governance practices
  • Validate orders to ensure the enforcement of accurate part numbers and suppliers rules
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers, customers and partners more effectively and efficiently

Benefit from our SAP experience

Capgemini and  SAP  have joined together to deploy SAP NetWeaver MDM within the automotive industry. In 1993, SAP designated Capgemini as a Leading Global Integration Partner and an alliance was formed.

Capgemini was the first to create a NetWeaver roadmap and continues to be the first, and often only, implementation partner for many of SAP's strategic initiatives.

In future, Capgemini-SAP initiatives will play a crucial role in expanding the technological capabilities of automotive companies. We have a long history of collaboration and will use our experience and approach to help SAP achieve challenging targets in the coming years. As always, our aim is to help you promote operational efficiency and visibility throughout your enterprise.

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