Intellectual Property and Rights Management

In the connected digital world, rights management is more important than ever, yet our research shows that some 93% of media executives consider their current method of rights management inadequate to support new and evolving business models. Issues include fragmented systems, internal information silos, manual processes and lack of ownership of rights and product metadata. Our experience in intellectual property and rights management (IPRM) helps clients manage their businesses better across the copyright value chain.

Benefits of effective IPRM

  • An accurate view of availability across multiple lines of business and across geographies means you will be better able to fully exploit complex global models for windowing and licensing, and maximise your return on investment in programming. 
  • Reduction in the manual overhead in rights clearance and the adoption of producer self-service will improve the speed of your production process, enable your digital production vision and limit your exposure to copyright infringement litigation and fines.
  • Improved usage tracking, accurate royalty reporting and timely royalty payments will keep your contributors happy and attract the best talent and partners. 

Our approach

We take a "think big, start small" approach to IPRM. Using solutions that can accommodate future change means you can start with priority areas and get benefits fast before rolling out to the rest of the organisation. Stages of our approach include:
  • Identification of opportunities – including audit and valuation of opportunities, business vision solutions blueprint and business model definition.
  • Business process transformation – including business process design and re-engineering, functional requirements definition and the creation of a transformation map.
  • Solution evaluation – including assessing functional requirements, technical due diligence, benchmarking studies and solution evaluation.
  • Proof of concept –  including capability scenario testing, functional requirements testing and solution maturity and viability validation.
  • Implementation – including project management, data model design, master data management, system integration & configuration, implementation support, data migration and training.
  • Maintenance and measurement – including operational support, process fine-tuning and measurement.

Our capabilities

Our dedicated global team of 300 IPRM experts has real-world industry experience plus technical expertise in technologies such as SAP and Oracle and in custom solution delivery. The team has:
  • The tools and capabilities to define a common content hierarchy and rights model up front which moves the organisation to a shared vocabulary and provides a foundation on to which you can incrementally add lines of business.

  • The expertise to create business-area specific workflows and implement high quality user interfaces which increases the buy in from both commercial users and creatives.
  • The ability to open up client systems and processes selectively to enable intelligent and secure sharing of information with partners, so you can benefit from common product metadata and become more efficient and more adaptive to new opportunities. 
Right across the copyright value chain  – from acquisition through clearance, licensing and content sales to royalty accounting  we can help you get more from your IP.