Using Analytics to protect organisations from Fraud

Capgemini’s Fraud solution helps organisations fight fraud, protect revenues, avoid leakages and combat non-compliance

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Digital tools, particularly fraud analytics, are a critical weapon in fighting fraud and money laundering, and are at the heart of a comprehensive approach to protecting revenues and reducing leakages
Trouve Solution

Trouve Solution

Our solution to combat tax evasion and fraud in a digital era

Capgemini has extensive experience in helping tax and benefits administrations to combat tax evasion and fraud

Data Classification, Privacy & Protection
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Data Classification, Privacy & Protection

Effective data privacy demand tools and processes to detect data leak

Capgemini helps clients to comply with new regulations to protect themselves against the financial and reputational damage

Taming Tax Fraud
Point of View

Taming Tax Fraud

Why do tax authorities need to worry about digital tax fraud?

The infographic proposes tax authorities to adopt transformative line of attack with a long-term vision to Fraud


Assurance Scoring

Better Customer Service and Fraud Detection

Assurance Scoring turns traditional model for detecting non-compliance on their head by predicting compliant customers


Automatic and Online

The Belastingdienst transforms Dutch social welfare claims

Willy Rovers (Director Belastingdienst) explains how Capgemini enabled the transformation of business and technology

Client Stories

Building success with our clients

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Maharashtra Sales Tax Department plugs revenue leakage, expands tax reporting with data Warehousing Solution

Client Stories Block

Capgemini helped Belastingdienst to enable Dutch citizens to manage their social security allowances online, in real time

Client Stories Block

HMRC uses analytics for risk profiling to select cases for investigation and target resources


Capgemini provides a full view on a potential roadmap for building the appropriate analytics capabilities and embedding them into the organization

Assurance scoring

Deploy specialist staff more effectively to focus on investigating potential non-compliances, through analytics techniques

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Safeguard your digital enterprise against cyber attacks and internal malicious behavior with end-to-end advisory, protection and security monitoring services

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