Anomalous Behaviour Detection

Pre-empt security attacks by detecting suspicious behaviour quickly: Anomalous Behaviour Detection uses advanced algorithms to take action against threats before they become critical.

How to detect anomalous behaviour with the Business Data Lake

From External to Internal IT Security Threats

Over the past 20 years, organisations have successfully combatted external IT threats via antivirus, firewalls, access controls and more. But the increasing demand for open and agile systems that enhance collaboration and communication has made organisations more vulnerable to attacks that exploit the weaknesses of user-centric, hyper-connected infrastructures. In fact, today’s attackers are more organised, better funded and more sophisticated than ever before.

To take action before IT security attacks become critical, organisations need the analytics capabilities necessary to identify anomalous and suspicious behaviour quickly.

Advanced Mathematics for anomalous behaviour detection

Our Anomalous Behaviour Detection solution applies advanced mathematical algorithms to large data volumes to address IT security threats quickly. The solution works to:
  • Determine the difference between normal and suspicious behaviour 
  • Identify anomalies 
  • Categorise and prioritise risks for further investigation 
  • Send alerts to highlight threats before they become critical 


  • Minimal exposure time and loss
  • Greater return on investment via a fast, affordable approach
  • Comprehensive protection that focuses primarily on risks 
  • Extended analytics capabilities thanks to a general-purpose analytics resource

Process expertise and data technology to combat security threats

Anomalous Behaviour Detection builds on Capgemini and Pivotal’s Business Data Lake, a next-generation information management solution that can store vast amounts of structured and unstructured information affordably. Our business process expertise complements Pivotal’s data technologies and data science skills to bring our clients a new approach to addressing their security threats. 
We work to prove business value before you embark on integrating the Anomalous Behaviour Detection solution into your business. This end-to-end approach ensures value is delivered at every stage and your business needs are supported from the first concept through to the system’s operational management, if required.
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