Capgemini Smart Asset Management

Capgemini’s Capgemini Smart Asset Management solution helps you optimise asset performance and asset-based services, improve availability, and lower maintenance costs. The integrated solution allows better tracking and efficient management of the assets that are critical to success.

Asset Management – essential but complex

Global enterprises face a number of challenges in managing their assets, such as physical location, usage, configuration, and dependencies that exist within the organisation. To efficiently manage assets, it is important to consider these activities:

  • Cost control
  • Asset protection
  • Optimisation and consolidation efforts
  • Compliance
  • Operational requirements such as support, information security, business continuity, configuration management, and change management.

Smart decisions leads to optimised Asset Management

Capgemini’s Capgemini Smart Asset Management solution provides an integrated view of your assets and their performance, helping you to maximise asset ROI, extend asset life, reduce life-cycle costs, and lower maintenance costs. The solution provides better tracking and efficient management of the assets that are critical to your organisational success.

The Capgemini Smart Asset Management comprehensive dashboards, supported by a data model, cover:

  • Asset: Downtime in hours, asset performance and age distribution
  • Labour: Overall utilisation and work-type trend
  • Work Order: Distribution of maintenance cost by work type 
  • Service Request: SLA adherence and response times
  • Inventory: Planning and turnover rate
  • Compliance: Various including stock, labor and delivery.

Our big data capability improves the processing of unstructured data, such as asset technical data reviews through social media, processed in Capgemini's proprietary big data platform, IV3, using the Hadoop ecosystem.


Benefits delivered: Performance and availability

Our in-depth understanding of asset management for many sectors, and strong technical and domain expertise means we can deliver these benefits:

  • A unified view of asset data to drive informed decision-making
  • Significant improvement in overall asset availability and increase in revenues
  • Improved asset performance and  productivity, through optimisation of asset downtimes 
  • Simplified asset compliance reporting and intuitive dashboards, helping you to plan and procure the right assets 
  • Prioritised maintenance costs for locations and work type assets, 
  • Asset failure prediction based advanced analytics and data mining.


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Contact our SMART Solutions team to see how our assets analytics capability can help maximise your investment in your insights journey, and improve your asset performance and ROI.

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