Insights & Data for Oracle

Transform your organisation into an insights-driven enterprise with Capgemini’s Insights & Data for Oracle, a comprehensive portfolio of analytics services that enables your organisation to manage and easily gain insight from large amounts of complex data, leveraging Oracle technology.

Extracting new value from data

In today’s data-saturated world, companies face multiple challenges, including: 
  • Scattered and complex data that is expensive to analyse 
  • Data located outside the company 
  • Poor data quality 
  • Bottlenecks due to IT constraints. 
In the ongoing search for better ways to analyse and understand their data, companies are increasingly looking to adopt an enterprise- view of data. This can enable them to manage large amounts of information and derive key insights.

A complete and comprehensive approach

Capgemini’s Insights & Data for Oracle is a comprehensive portfolio designed to support the evolution of your business into a insights-driven enterprise. Our approach helps your organisation provide clean, usable data by:

  • Determining data ownership
  • Creating an organised system of master data
  • Developing processes and workflows for information management. 
  • Providing a comprehensive data strategy and roadmap
  • Provides a description of characteristics of the data
  • Reduces the operating costs associated with data and analytics
  • Minimises risk via simplification of analytics technology
  • Enables self-service to allow data analysts to rapidly discover insights.


An experienced partner in data strategy

Our Oracle Insights & Data solutions leverage Capgemini’s many  years of experience in helping clients create a strong data foundation they can use to extract key insights that enable them to take better commercial and strategic decisions.

Oracle reinforces its commitment to driving insights & data

Contact our experts today to see how Oracle Insights & Data can help your organisation become a data-driven enterprise.

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