Our Rightshore® model helps you align the right people in the right place with the right skills to balance your need for speed, quality and low cost. In addition, we know you are facing local regulations, public scrutiny and reputational risks, and that these also impact your global sourcing strategy.  Our Nearshore services enable you to address all of these issues in a way that keeps costs down while meeting local regulations. We currently have over 200 Nearshore staff in the UK, working with 11 clients.

Our Nearshore clients benefit from:

Close proximity to Capgemini staff

Basing our Nearshore centres in the same country and time-zone allows for same-day, in-person meetings or calls to facilitate problem solving and planning. This eradicates the need for many international flights and visa applications, and therefore major expense approval. It enables our staff and clients to build closer working relationships through face-to-face communication and cultural alignment.

An alternative to costly onsite arrangements

New hires or onsite consultants can be expensive. Nearshore provides significant savings in both salaries and office space costs. You can have experienced staff nearby without acquiring costly desk space and equipment. We provide clients with an additional sourcing pool from which to access the skills they need.

Increased data privacy

EU Data Protection holds UK companies accountable for customer data stored with or viewed by vendors (Directive 95/46/EC); keeping data onshore is becoming increasingly important to UK corporations. 

Rapid deployment of resources

Today’s financial firms are moving quickly to compete and survive. We can deploy Nearshore bench talent immediately with no immigration restrictions. In addition, our new talent can be on board and working on your project within 4-6 weeks.

Local, highly experienced staff

Typically with 20+ years' experience, our staff are trained in many roles so are flexible and appreciate their part in the project lifecycle. Strong interpersonal and management skills enable our teams to work efficiently with our clients. Staff turnover is under 10%, meaning high productivity (staff are familiar with our tools and processes) and continuity (they can work with clients for long periods when appropriate).

Supporting local apprentice schemes

In addition to our senior staff, we can build a pyramid using our award-winning apprentice programme. Blending highly experienced teams with closely mentored junior resources in this way provides our clients with a cost-effective mix of talented resources, while helping to build the senior roles of tomorrow.

A full Rightshore® model

Nearshore fits into your overall Rightshore® programme, acting as a UK interface between the client and offshore teams. With our experienced UK Nearshore staff managing offshore teams, resource changes in back office staff are seamless to the client.  We have been working successfully with this model since the mid-1990s, so our clients can proceed with the confidence that comes from proven results.
Our UK nearshore centres
Capgemini’s UK nearshore centres specialise in financial services.