Financial Services Data Management

Underlying all risk management and compliance issues is the need to address information and data-related issues. Capgemini’s Data Management framework helps manage your entire data lifecycle including customer, product, compliance, and risk and investment data.

Your challenges

The top data-related issues faced by institutions today include:

  • Data is trapped in silos, e.g. after mergers & acquisitions, hiding firm-wide risk accumulations (and potential portfolio offsets).
  • Inconsistent valuations and reference data exist across different parts of the firm.
  • Few standards have been established for data (e.g. are there clearly defined definitions/standards for risks/risk types?).
  • Data governance models are often inadequate (e.g. who owns data and updates? who verifies data? what policies ensure adherence to protocols?).
  • Risk systems do not allow for proper analysis of firm-wide exposure across risk dimensions, counterparties, etc.
  • Models generate incorrect forecasting of potential outcomes (e.g. models are too backward-looking and not dynamic).

Our solutions

Our Data Management framework provides a proven foundation for your Enterprise Risk information system which helps manage your entire data lifecycle. Capgemini’s Data Management offerings address:
  • Business information strategy, architecture & assessment
  • Information management and data integration through offerings for warehousing and reporting
  • Metadata management
  • Master data management including all customer, product, compliance, risk and investment data
  • Data governance and stewardship
  • Compliance and data privacy through data classification and cleansing services 
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