Digital Readiness Assessment for Financial Services

Capgemini helps FS firms evaluate their readiness to embrace digital technologies in order to differentiate, gain flexibility and capitalise on new and changing markets.

Capgemini’s Digital Readiness Assessment translates the theoretical complexity of Digital into a CIO agenda that is practically-based and results oriented.

Gil Brodnitz
Gil Brodnitz, VP, Business & Information Technology Transformation, Capgemini FS

Digital technologies disrupting business as usual

A flood of new digital applications and technologies is disrupting business as usual for financial services companies. In innovative ways, every day, these technologies are being employed to:

  • Shift the baseline for competition
  • Extract deeper insight into customers and their behaviours
  • Empower customers by enabling them to interact on their terms
  • Reduce transaction costs

Are you ready?

The critical business question for financial services companies now is beyond embracing digital. It’s about when to use it, which technologies to choose and how to do more with less. Given those criteria, the critical questions for CIOs and CTOs are increasingly related to readiness:

  • Is my organisation prepared to deploy and support?
  • If not, what are the alternatives and how do they compare in terms of timeframes and cost?

Digital Readiness Assessment

With readiness assessment, Capgemini helps CIOs and CTOs understand, plan for and manage their firm’s Digital Transformation journey. It is set in the context of the digital strategy that links business priorities with the digital technology opportunities. The assessment can be applied to a specific digital opportunity or a portfolio of potential opportunities, or used as a means of anticipating and planning for the broader capability requirements of a digital transformation strategy.

Guided by our Technovision, we help firms clarify and translate their digital aspirations into the fundamental capabilities they will need to deliver, maintain, and support their digital portfolio. This allows us to assess your firm’s existing capabilities to gauge its readiness to support the strategy:

  • Is the capability in place and ready?
  • If not, what is missing?
  • What alternatives are available to build readiness?

We assess impact across existing technology domains such as, for example, architecture, application development and information security. Our analysis provides the insights and granularity for a practical, business-driven and results-oriented path to digital readiness.

Capgemini’s Technovision Digital Research

Complementing our Digital Transformation research, our Technovision framework provides deep insights into digital technology trends and the principles that are shaping today’s digital landscape.

Combining these insights with extensive knowledge of all aspects of information technology and proven transformational capabilities places us in a unique position to help your business plan and successfully execute your journey to digital.

Accelerated Solutions Environment

To be effective and to get better, faster, more sustainable results, the different parts of your organisation need to be part of the process from the start, and your leaders need to understand the goal and work toward it from day one.

Our Accelerated Solutions Environment is designed to speed the value creation of collaborative journeys and deliver what would otherwise take many months using traditional methods.

Capgemini Digital Transformation experts

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