Data visualisation for Financial Services

Financial institutions can make faster, better business decisions by leveraging data visualisation solutions using standard tools, techniques and best practices.

How can you comprehend too much data in the fast-paced financial industry?

The pace of change in the financial services industry is increasing rapidly and organisations must move quickly to respond to market needs and customer demands. To support timely, accurate decisions and innovation, financial institutions must have access to the right business data presented in the right visual context. Banks, insurers and capital markets firms are facing data overload as social media and advanced technologies are producing more data points for analysis. How can executives make the right decisions in a timely manner? How can business data be presented in the right visual context?

The ever-increasing speed and complexity of data has forced a change in traditional business intelligence and reporting practices among financial services organisations. With advances in visualisation techniques, visual business intelligence has emerged as a way to simplify and synthesise complex data so it’s easier to present to line managers and executives.

Capgemini’s approach to data visualisation

Regardless of the current state of your business intelligence road map, Capgemini can provide the strategy, solutions and services for a complete data visualisation initiative. Our structured proven process includes four essential steps:

Step 1: Assess
We start by analysing business processes and interview stakeholders to gain an understanding of roles, goals, performance indicators and the enterprise story. This steps feeds the Create process after determining the usability objectives and technical requirements.

Step 2: Create
During the creation process, we use rapid visualisation techniques to develop the right visualisations that reflect the enterprise story.

Step 3: Design
We realise the importance of user interface design in the process and use experts in user interface and user experience to provide the impactful visualisation.

Step 4: Execute
We help you interpret, refine, enhance and provide a continuous insightful enterprise story which helps business managers make impactful decisions.

With a successful data visualisation program you can:

  • Empower business managers with visual insights
  • Increase knowledge discovery like analysis
  • Make impactful decisions collaboratively across all business functions
  • Reduce efforts on data management

Proven experience specialising in financial services

Capgemini combines the latest visualisation technology with the wealth of experience providing data visualisation solutions to financial services companies to your make data visualisation journey simple and structured. From tool evaluation, creative design, and development, to enterprise deployment, our certified consultants use best practices learned from our on-the-ground experience to make the visualisation journey effective. Our global analytics team includes over 2,000 experienced consultants led by PhD-level specialists in finance and statistics who are dedicated to help banks, insurers and capital markets firms make actionable decisions from insights in data visualisations.

Our business-driven and domain-centric approach, supported by a deep understanding of leading-edge technologies, provides a truly differentiating performance for information excellence. We have real-world experience at delivering data visualisation strategy, tool evaluations, and end-to-end data visualisation and enterprise data solutions based on leading tools like Qlik, Tibco, Spotfire, and Tableau for the world’s leading banks, investment management and financial services firms.

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