Procure to Pay

Procure to Pay provides end-to-end BPO services at every stage of the end-to-end process, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and proper monitoring.

Streamlining the Procure to Pay (P2P) process

Today, companies need to be more efficient and effective than ever, both in terms of costs and end-user experience. Yet managing their entire Procure to Pay cycle in a holistic approach seems continuously difficult. To get ahead, you could use:

  • Active analytics insights into spend and payables
  • Effective compliance monitoring control across contracts, processes and suppliers
  • Maximisation of value from your vendor agreements
  • Optimised total cost of service in a committed transactional price

With the P2P, Capgemini handles your commercial processes, from operational procurement to accounts payable. You benefit from improved end-user experience, thanks to optimised and controlled processes, insight assuring value creation at an optimised total cost of service. 

Optimising the P2P Cycle

Our integrated Business Process Outsourcing solution gives you end-to-end transactional services and analytics at every stage of the P2P cycle. We provide you with:

  • Insight into the sourcing strategy
  • Efficient buying execution through right channels
  • Help with establishment of internal policies
  • Elimination and automation of non value adding activities
  • Optimised payment strategies and reputation among your vendors

Your trusted P2P partner 

Our P2P service takes advantage of Capgemini’s Global Enterprise Model (GEM). We developed GEM Global Enterprise Model based on our experience running P2P processes and our knowledge of your industry. It defines each aspect of the P2P such as:
  • Capabilities required at any part of the process codified in the competencies, proficiency levels and the continuous professional education program 
  • Centres in our integrated global delivery network from which services is delivered according to the competency and specialisation required
  • Set of best in class processes contained in our Global Process Model        
  • Behavioural pricing models driving compliance and adherence to standards and
  • Supported by governance of people who care about the outcomes.

Key figures 

50%: the average cost savings achieved using our P2P system
112: the number of companies we’ve helped with P2P
17: the number of Fortune 500 companies who use P2P
33%: the average increase in customer use after P2P implementation
99.9%: invoice processing accuracy
99.9%: queries taken on time


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