Scope and Methodology

Scope and methodology of the European Energy Markets Observatory


The EEMO covers all countries of the European Union plus Norway and Switzerland.


By using a majority of public data sources, combined with Capgemini’s methodology and knowledge, we are able to explain and anticipate major market events and trends in the industry.

Data collection

Data collection comes from public sources:

European bodies

  • EU Commission
  • Eurostat
  • Eurogas
  • GIE
  • BP Statistical Report
  • Eurobserver
  • CEER, and more

Industry players

  • Utilities companies
  • TSOs
  • Power and gas exchanges
  • National regulators, and more


Analysis is made by a team of consultants and regional experts. Their in-depth knowledge combined with sector news crunching provide an insightful analysis.
The report is enriched with expertise from selected partners:

  • I4CE - Institute for Climate Economics for global and European climate change challenge
  • VaasaETT for switching rates evolution and customer behaviors in retail markets
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