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Good governance in a big data world

Big data brings new opportunities, but also new risks in terms of data confidentiality and integrity  as some companies have discovered to their cost. Andrew Cameron explains why good data governance is essential for organisations in today’s big data world, and outlines the practical steps they need to adopt in order manage it effectively. 

Good governance in a big data world

Big data reference architecture

In this video Manuel Sevilla describes the big data methodology and reference architecture Capgemini has developed for successful project delivery, which starts by identifying the right business processes and business model. He goes on to explain the five key pillars of the reference architecture, and how these control the process from start to finish.

Big Data Reference Architecture

Win the big data game with effective blocking and tackling

Scott Schlesinger explains how companies are increasingly finding the value in data that until recently was impossible to access. Sources of unstructured and semi-structured data alongside traditionally structured data gives them new opportunities to increase business performance and profitability. However, to gain real value these organisations need to do some core information blocking and tackling.

Data Dimensions: Win the big data game with effective blocking and tackling

Business Analytics Sandbox – rapid prototyping for big data solutions

Feedback from clients told us that they needed a quick set-up for proofs of concept instead of the two to three months it was typically taking them. To meet this need, Capgemini developed the Business Analytics Sandbox. Rajas Gokhale explains the solution.

Data Dimensions: Business analytics sandbox - rapid prototyping big data solutions

Behavioural aspects of big data

Big data is challenging traditional BI approaches. Information silos are giving way to data democracy. As big data becomes a part of our everyday lives, businesses and individuals alike will need to adapt to the changes it brings. Kai-Oliver Schaefer highlights how the data deluge affects the way we work.

Behavioral aspects of big data

Where to start with big data

Steve Jones explores the different ways to start with big data, and the importance of understanding how it will support business decision-making.

Where to Start With Big Data

Accelerate your big data programme with Capgemini

Sesh Rangarajan explains the CUBE – the Capgemini Customer BIM Experience – and how it can be used to accelerate big data and analytics initiatives through creation of proofs of concept, prototypes and solutions.


Accelerate your big data program with Capgemini

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